Cheese of ewe to the romero Is a cheese of ewe of golden color whose flavor and aroma are due to its totally artisan elaboration, dealing with butter and romero and letting cure to suitable temperature, humidity and light.

The time of treatment power its great flavor, being impossible that like this cheese is no other.

The aroma also is harnessed by the time of treatment being its description a cheese very cured with a perfect touch of romero.

Its texture compact and is gilded, being in its point of suitable treatment, between six and eight months. Neither very dry, not so creamy.
· Mark: Flor de romero

· Treatment: 6 months

· Ingredients: Pasteurized milk 100% of ewe, romero and butter

· Conservation: Cooled fridge for an optimal conservation

· Lapsing: approximately 18 months (consult label)

· Presentation: In order to serve, cleaning the romero of the crust

· Observations: The appearance of mold on the crust is a natural reaction in cheeses. It is advised to spread with a cloth with oil for its cleaning

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