Roblemancha Villarrobledo, S.L.

This company was founded on 1990 by the family Lopez Garci'a of the Limekiln, that already had been in the sector 40 years.

First it was created under cooperative and at the end of 1999 it passed to be Society Limited.

From its beginnings the greater quality in all the raw materials looked for, being fundamental the pure milk of ewe bought directly to cattle dealers of the zone of La Mancha.

It obtained a totally artisan product of high quality yet and whose familiar prescription still lasts in our elaboration.
In 2000 and with the purpose of consolidating the company the companies Benibaldo and Jamones Sala entered the shareholders among others.

In 2005 an extension of the facilities was made and at the present time we can affirm that thanks to the efforts of all we are elaborating the best cheese to the romero of the market.

The cheese range of Roblemancha is sold in all Spain through distributors and direct sale from factory, being the cheese specialty to the the most demanded and appreciated romero.

Roblemancha Villarobledo, s.l. | crtra. Tomelloso km 6,8 (Albacete) | T 967 14 53 60 | F 967 14 41 35 |